Quality Control


Quality Control distinguishes Wisdom. Our selectors have decades of cotton classing experience. Our 4-step selection and passing process is distinct, exhaustive, and most significantly, transparent.

Heap Selection

Before ginning, our experts carefully examine and select seed cotton at heap stage.

Ginning Inspection

Our officers Inspect ginning process to evaluate problems of immature seed cotton, and contamination. In such cases, our inspectors ensure manual cleaning of seed cotton before ginning. Our employees ensure that the pre-cleaner and post-cleaners (super cleaners) operates during the process of ginning.

Bale Inspection

Our inspectors perform on spot inspections of bale to approve of packaging, perform manual classing and check moisture content in the bales using moisture machines.

HVI Testing

Our employees are well trained to draw samples scientifically and exhaustively. Samples are then tested by Wisdom approved HVI testing laboratories having state-of-the-art Uster machine.
Wisdom Corporate tracks the entire process. We assimilate and carefully analyze the results from each stage (Heap Selection, Ginning Inspection, Bale Inspection, and HVI Testing) before approving the shipment.
We believe in complete transparency of our processes and have all the shipment samples and test reports readily available for our customers.