We can procure the following yarn from India for different applications like Shirtings, Suitings,Bottom Weights, Denims, Knits & Sheetings.

100% Cotton YarnsNe 4s-160s
Carded & Combed
Single as well as TFO/Ring Doubledyarns for Knitting/Weaving.
Open-End YarnsOE 6s-30s single and TFO
doubled from 100% Virgin Cotton, Cotton Waste, T/C blendedin the ratio 65:35 & 52:48, 100% Viscose for Knitting
and Weaving.
Manmade Fibre YarnsNe 10s-80s 100% Polyster,
100% Viscose, Poly/Viscose blended inn ratio 65:35 & 52:48for Knitting / Weaving
100% Cotton Gassed Mercerised
Ne 20/2 – 120/2 TFO
/ Ring Doubled Gassed Mercerised yarns for Knitting /
Melange YarnsNe 10s-60s Single & TFO
Doubled 100% Cotton Melange, T/C Melange & T/R Melangefor Knitting / Weaving
Core Spun YarnsNe 10s-40s Core Spun with
Lycra / Spandex / Roica in 40D/70D coated with 100% Cottoncarded / combed
Compact YarnsNe 10s-80s Compact yarns
made on Suessen Elite/Rieter COM4 Machines
Slub YarnsOE 6s-16s Amsler Slub and
Ne 7s-40s Ring Slub for Knitting/ Weaving

Special Fibre Yarns

(like Modal, Tencel/Lyocell)

Ne 10s-40s 100% Modal, 100%
Tencel, Modal / Cotton blends, Tencel / Cotton blends
Dyed YarnsNe 16s-40s 100% Cotton Fibre
dyed / Cone dyed, T/R dyed, T/C dyed
Acrylic YarnsNe 16s-40s 100% Cotton Fibre
dyed / Cone dyed, T/R dyed, T/C dyed
Organic YarnsNe 16s-40s 100% Organic yarn,
Organic blends with normal cotton
VORTEX (MIS) Air-Jet Spun
Ne 30s-80s 100% Polyster,
100% Viscose, P/V blends, P/C Blends, CVC
Elite Twist YarnsNe 20/2-80/2 100% Cotton
Elite Twist in ‘S’ & ‘Z’ twist
Texturised Yarns75,80,150,170,320,600 Roto,
75,80,85,150 TEX,80,90,100 CRIMP S & ZMicro Roto & Micro Limited Yarn