Wisdom Services


With it’s in-depth domain knowledge in cotton trade, Wisdom strives to be a reliable indenter and partner to it’s customers.

  • Our Service is consistent, timely and accurate.
  • We ensure transparency to the complete supply chain.
  • We have an excellent networking and information system.
  • We provide knowledge support in the fast changing market scenario.

Most Competitive Prices

In the Volatile Global Market, Wisdom aspires to offer the most competitive prices to it’s customers.

  • We source cotton directly from the ginners.
  • We identify optimum logistics cost, both by road & sea.
  • Our Research & Development team continuously monitors the different aspects of pricing.

Quality Control

Our officers have decades of experience and expertise in cotton classing.  Wisdom’s 4-step selection and passing process is distinct, exhaustive and transparent. All Shipments follow the 4-step process before dispatch.

  • Heap Selection – Our selectors carefully examine and select seed cotton at heap stage.
  • Ginning Inspection – Our inspectors monitor pre-cleaning & post-cleaning process of ginning to avoid problems of contamination  and immature seed cotton.
  • Bale Inspection – Our experts equipped with moisture meters check  the moisture content in the bales to avoid various problems arising out of excess moisture.
  • HVI Testing – Samples are tested in our own laboratory (Wisdom Cotlab) which is equipped  with state-of-the-art Uster HVI machine.


Weighment is a major cause of dispute in cotton trade. We control these issues throughour unique and exhaustive process of weighment at different stages.

  • Bale to bale weighment at the ginning factory with random moisture check
  • Weighbridge of the trucks
  • Weighment at the port of loading 
  • Weighment at the port of unloading 
  • Bale to bale weighment at the buyers’ factory