Rain, winds dash Muktsar cotton farmers’ hopes

Muktsar, September 17

The rain accompanied by speedy winds on Friday caused a massive loss to a large number of cotton growers in the region. Cotton plants, which were standing nearly eight feet tall, have fallen flat on the soil.

The farmers are claiming that it will cause them a massive loss. “We were expecting a bumper crop of 17 qtl per acre and the plants were also standing tall. However, the rain yesterday dashed our hopes. We have already spent nearly Rs 30,000 on per acre of cotton crop, including the expenses on seed, pesticides, labour, diesel, etc. The state government should help us in this hour of need,” said farmer Gurdeep Singh of Daula village in Gidderbaha block of Muktsar district, who has sown cotton crop on seven acres.

He added, “A cotton plant is sensitive and it can’t stand again with sunshine. Just a few farmers had done the first picking of the crop. The cotton crop is usually picked in three rounds, which lasts till mid-November.”

Gurdeep further said the situation was almost similar in neighbouring Balluana village of Bathinda district. Meanwhile, similar reports were coming from Abohar area in Fazilka district.

Gaurav Kumar, a commission agent from Abohar, said, “A number of farmers were yet to start cotton picking. The rain at this stage has caused massive loss to them.”

Meanwhile, Gurpreet Singh, Chief Agriculture Officer, Muktsar, said, “The cotton crop got damaged in some parts of the district due to yesterday’s rain and wind. Farmers from Malout and Gidderbaha subdivisions have informed us about the losses. However, the situation is normal in Muktsar subdivision. Earlier, we were worried that the cotton crop was drying due to hot weather. Even the canal closure had created a problem for the cotton growers.”

He added, “The rain has, however, given some respite to the paddy growers, especially those who had sown its late varieties.”

Meanwhile, some farmers claimed that the growing sugarcane crop too had got damaged in some parts of the district.

Some kinnow growers from Abohar in Fazilka district said yesterday’s rain and wind may impact the quality of the fruit as well.

Source : Tribune India